Your Business
Key Stages

For many of our clients taking the decision to run their own business is a major decision that can be filled with trepidation as well as excitement. As our clients’ financial business partner we advise and support throughout the lifetime of their business.

We work together through all the phases from Starting a Business, implementing plans in Developing the Business, Maximising Performance and Exit Planning.

Our approach is based on adding value to our clients’ businesses as well as regulatory compliance.


Starting a

It is the ambition of many people to run their own business.

Whether you make the decision to be more independent or for a career change we ensure that you obtain the full financial reward for your effort.

Whatever the reason  we can help you on the correct path to setting up and running your own business successfully.

Developing a

A successful strategy is a growth strategy.

We help you plan for profitable growth by offering advice, guidance and services to support your business development.

As your financial partner our focus is upon your plans for growth and also importantly the implementation of those plans to make the development of your business a reality.



An established business needs to focus upon improvement and productivity.

We work with you to maximise your business performance through better business practices.

We also work with you to develop new revenue and profit channels and support these activities with advice and guidance on joint ventures, banks, licensing, new investorsand partners.


If you are in business you need to consider your exit strategy.

Are you intending to hand over the business to the next generation or planning to sell?

We work with you through the whole process whether the goal is succession planning or realising the maximum value for your business.