Wills &

Death and taxes are the two certainties. at Lyon Griffiths we aim to help our clients build and preserve wealth for themselves and their families through careful financial and tax planning.

A will creates certainty, reduces worry and gives you peace of mind knowing exactly how your money, property and possessions will be dealt with after your death.


Dedicated Team
of Professionals

At Lyon Griffiths we have a dedicated team of experienced, qualified specialists who will really listen and understand your plans and intentions and advise you on exactly how to ensure that your wishes are adhered to.

They will provide advice and guidance on:

  • Writing your Will
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Power of Attorney
  • Protecting your Home
  • Document Storage

Writing your

2 out of 3 people die without having made a Will!

Preparing your Will gives you peace of mind so why leave it to chance? Your Will is your opportunity to state your wishes for the appointment of Executors, the distribution of your Estate and the guardianship of your children.

If you die without making a Will you will be “intestate”. This means that the law will determine how your estate is to be dealt with. This can cause family distress and uncertainty and can delay the process of dealing with your Estate. It can also increase the expense of administration and even give some of your Estate to the Crown.


Inheritance Tax

Why let the taxman be a beneficiary?

Inheritance tax is currently paid at 40% on estates exceeding the Nil Rate threshold.

Make plans to mitigate Inheritance Tax to preserve your Estate for the benefit of your family. Let the specialists at Lyon Griffiths advise on ways to maximise the flexibility and tax-efficiency of your Estate.  Don’t forget that Inheritance Tax can apply to both lifetime gifts and transfers on death.

  • IHT mitigation using exemptions and reliefs
  • IHT planning via Wills
  • IHT Family Trusts (the best of both worlds)

Power of

Have you thought who will act for you should you be unable to manage your own affairs?

You can appoint someone you trust to act on your behalf by making a Power of Attorney.

We recommend that everyone who makes a Will should also make a Power of Attorney. A Will ensures that your Estate is distributed according to your wishes when you die. A Power of Attorney protects your assets by authorising somebody chosen by you to deal with your affairs on your behalf (should you become unable to manage them yourself) whilst you are alive.

You decide:

  • who is to be your Attorney
  • what authority they should have
  • what property and affairs they can deal with
  • what restrictions you wish to place on your Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney also deal with health and welfare as well as property and financial affairs.


Protecting your

Your chances of needing long term care are 1 in 4 for women and 1 in 6 for men.

Act now to prevent the possibility of losing part or your entire home to pay care fees. Care fees need not necessarily result in the sale of your home.

We can advise you on the situation where writing a Property Protection Trust Will could mean that the local authority would disregard the whole property when assessing your liability for care fees.


At Lyon Griffiths we hold the documents for many of our clients who have the peace of mind knowing that their important papers are secure.